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Introduction to the British Gnostic Church

Gnosis is the search for Knowledge about the Truth. It is a continuing process of gaining knowledge by research bringing about understanding. The quest for this knowledge cannot be obtained in a day but requires decades and still never ends.

The Gnosis includes the inner teachings of Jesus. Searching for answers to the most important questions of why are we here, what is the soul and the spirit and how do we return to where we came from.

The doctrine has esoteric sources that are common throughout all religions. The search for the truth is in Gnosis because the Truth will make us free.

The Gnostics were religious mystics, who proclaimed gnosis, knowledge, as the way of Salvation. Gnostics seek knowledge and wisdom from many different sources and study diverse religions and philosophical text.

If you consider yourself to be searching for the Truth we invite you to join our small meetup group or contact me.

Dr. Warren Leigh PhD

Gnostic Study Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7:0pm.

At the
68 Grove St,

Gnostic Study Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 9:15pm.
At the
Fiveclouds Tap & Bottle
8 Market Place,
SK10 1EX
We have the kind support of the Bishop, Dr. Stephan Hoeller of the Ecclesai Gnostica Church of Los Angeles.